Friday, April 12, 2013

A dog run for the chickens

We are at it again! Today the hubby is outside building a second chicken coop. We have nine chickens; three are for meat and the other six for eggs. We needed a second coop because we read the egg layers will become stressed when the meat chickens leave and don’t come back.

Meat Chicken
It’s taken me a little time to come to peace with meat chickens. It seems mean. Then I think, I have no idea what all is going into the chicken I feed my family this way I will. After getting the meat chickens it is a little easier, they are so different from the egg layers. When we go into the yard the egg layers interact with us, run and play with the kids. The meat chickens, they lay huddle together and eat. They seem less pet like.

Also, to give the chickens more space we bought a dog run. This way they have the area of the dog run to eat and run around. We are now thinking of options to make a cover to protect them from predators (the cat). 
The predator (Scout)