Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review for: Knitworks Butterfly Top & Scooter Set - Girls 4-6x

My daughter picked out this adorable little outfit by Knit Works at Kohls for her first day of school. She was so excited to wear it! Everyday asking me if she could wear it. Well the night before her first day of school I took it out of the closet and the next morning she got herself up and ready for school.

After picking her up, she and her brother started playing and I noticed the skirt seemed to be too big around the waist. Well I was upset, but I figured it was cheap elastic that stretched too much. I honestly figured I'd wash it and it would tighten up and I would just have to make sure she didn't wear it for long periods of time. When I took it out of the washer I noticed the waist still looked too large for her. I felt around the waist and found the elastic was so cheap it had broke! I will attempted to open it up and put in better quality elastic in it myself and will not buy this brand again. Super cute, but terrible quality!

*My reviews are my own thoughts