Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Present for 40th Birthday: 40 Pounds of Flesh Gone

When I wrote my piece for Yahoo I didn't add a before and after picture. I honestly didn't think the change in my size was overly dramatic. Then I got to thinking it wouldn't hurt to just see what a side by side would look like. So I went through some photos---harder than you may think as I delete most that showed my lower half. I put the side by side together and even I was shocked!

Writing about losing weight wasn't easy. It's not easy to share about losing so much weight, it's embarrassing. Now that I've written the article, I've got some encouraging feedback. Even looking at the pictures reignites my desire to get to my target weight.

If you haven't read my article please do! Best Present for 40th Birthday: 40 Pounds of Flesh Gone.

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