Friday, October 3, 2014

Nine Weeks

This was taken during outside play!
Today is huge! We have completed nine weeks of homeschool, we have survived! It has definitely had its ups and downs, but I honestly want to keep it up. I feel so much more engaged with my kids. I know what and how they are learning. I've seen C (2nd grader) really fall in love with reading! He had an interest in it last year and somewhat over the summer. Then one day after 'school' he sat down with one of his Magic Tree House books and read the whole thing. He is averaging a chapter book a day. When we leave the house he grabs a book. He no longer sees reading as a chore or a school assignment, but something to enjoy.

They both love art the most. I love art myself, but I always press to do all the school work first. This week I did start our Tuesday with art to change things up. It slowed our day down, but the kids seemed more relaxed. I am hoping to do a lot more fun projects before Halloween! I love Pinterst for coming up with lots of easy crafts for us to make!

Today will also be report card day! I can't believe how quickly everything has gone by! 

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