Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting it together

For the last few months I've been buying and setting up what will be our homeschool classroom. I've bought full curriculum from Abeka. I went ahead and bought all the teacher additions as well. I believe this will work best for us, especially the first year. I've also started going through and planning out our school year. It is so much work! Even with all the work I'm really excited. I talked to my neighbor who teaches and there seemed to only be one gap that I would fill in. I'm also excited because we will be able to spend so much time on subjects the kids are interested in. I'm looking forward to doing some things like making journals about our time outdoors, charting egg production from our backyard chickens, and lots of artwork!

The classroom cubbies. Everything is organized here. The giant white board will go on this wall.

This easel will work for my oldest son for art, as well as hold my class paper to show the kids how to write manuscript and cursive. 

Desk center! Where the kids will do their seatwork. 

Reading center. All the books are separated by chapter books I will read, school books, and the different level readers. The kids are already using the area! I think I may have to buy a second bean bag chair (and I stuffed it with old stuffed animals the kids want to keep, but don't play with). 

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